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Alina Lopez & Avi Love in Bird Boxxx Challenge with Codey Steele

Alina Lopez and Avi Love decide to do the Bird Box Challenge, but a naked version! Alina Lopez’s brother, Codey Steele soon see what they are up to and it quickly takes a naughty turn!

Avi Love and her friend Alina Lopez are hanging out and decide to try their take on the Bird Box Challenge. They begin with Alina Lopez taking off her clothes and letting Avi Love blindfold her so she can try to get dressed without vision. Alina Lopez‘s brother, Codey Steele, walks in on the girls in the middle of their game. But instead of making his presence known he decides to fap it out. Avi Love knows Codey Steele is there. But instead of ratting him out to Alina she, too, gets naked. She then blindfolds herself to join Alina Lopez in searching for her clothes while Codey Steele watches.

The girls have failed the first challenge they’ve set for themselves, but they’re not about to admit defeat. Avi Love suggests trying a sex toy while blindfolded. Once again Alina Lopez goes first and Avi Love catches Codey Steele spying on them. This time Avi Love confronts Codey Steele. But instead of telling him off she tells him she thinks he’s hot and should be part of the challenge. They return to the room together, where Avi tells Alina that she’s going to use a different toy. Little does Alina Lopez know that the new toy is her stepbrother’s hardon. Alina Lopez is loving it until she realizes it’s a real cock and pulls her blindfold down to find her stepbrother.

Too bad for Alina Lopez that Codey Steele has a really nice dick that hits all the right spots. Alina Lopez eventually decides that it feels too good to stop… At which point Avi Love gets to join them for a threesome. Avi Love and Alina Lopez take turns feasting on each other’s pussies as Codey Steele bangs them both. Alina Lopez is even enjoying it right up until Codey Steele doesn’t bother to pull out before filling her with a creampie of cum.

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