Gia Dimarco & Katrina Jade in She's Not What She Seems: Part 1 - Hot And Mean

Gia DiMarco & Katrina Jade in She’s Not What She Seems: Part 1

While the wealthy couple Katrina Jade and Keiran Lee is having a fight, their neighbour Gia DiMarco knocks on the door. Gia DiMarco claims to been locked out of her house, but she’s not what she seems…

Wealthy couple Katrina Jade and her husband, Keiran Lee, are having a lovers quarrel. Katrina Jade has been so busy with work that she’s completely disregarded her husband and he’s growing tired of her forgetfulness. In the middle of their argument, neighbor Gia DiMarco shows up claiming she’s been locked out of her house… But that’s where the fun begins! Gia DiMarco quickly makes herself at home, asking to use the couple’s phone and shower. She then seduces the horny housewife Katrina Jade, and then sneakily stealing some of her most valuable possessions. Will Katrina Jade and Keiran Lee figure out that this friendly neighborhood hottie Gia DiMarco is not what she seems? Maybe, but first the will be a lot of naughty fun happening!