Juicy Ass Maid Andreina Deluxe with Chris Diamond - My Dirty Maid

Juicy Ass Maid Andreina Deluxe with Chris Diamond

After last night’s party Chris Diamond needed some help cleaning up, so he called the cleaning service. Soon the maid Andreina Deluxe had arrived. Chris Diamond didn’t notice at first, but the maid Andreina Deluxe had a nice and juicy ass!

The place was a mess after last nights party so Chris Diamond called the cleaning service. They sent Columbian beauty Andreina Deluxe. This girl was really pretty with long flowing hair past her waist. She was wearing a cute summer dress and had a warm and sexy smile. She began cleaning and when she was squatting on the floor Chris Diamond could see up the dress. Then also when she bent over to clean a table, the bottom part of her ass was showing. It was hard to tell at first, but Andreina Deluxe had a juicy ass. That’s when he knew that he needed to see if she was a dirty maid…

After some back and forth flirting, Chris Diamond finally offered her some money to lose the dress. It didn’t take much convincing. She had very nice perky tits and now he could see she did have a big round booty. As she continued cleaning, he got so fucking horny when he could see that nice Latina body. He took his big cock out and started stroking it while watching Andreina Deluxe.

Initially she was taken aback, but then he could tell she was impressed and curious. Chris Diamond asked if Andreina Deluxe could help him out and put her hand on his cock. Then she was totally into it, she sucked his big cock real good. Then he fucked her hard with his big cock, and she moaned loud in pleasure. The view of her big ass was astounding as he pounded her tight pussy. He then finished her off with a giant load all over her pretty face.