Lela Star in Never Enough Oil with Small Hands - Dirty Masseur

Lela Star in Never Enough Oil with Small Hands

Lela Star far from happy that her her masseur haven’t showed up yet. He was suppose to be at her place hours ago! So when masseur, Small Hands, finally shows up, Lela Star is not in a good mood. She also have specific instructions for how he should do his job, which is not making things easier for him… Small Hands soon finds away to make her shut up, and it’s with his big cock…

The stunning Latina babe Lela Star is getting pretty impatient as she’s waiting for her masseur to show up. The time she booked for him to be at her place was hours ago! Now this highly important and powerful businesswoman is late to a very important meeting at her office. Lela Star is about to give up hope, but then Small Hands, her masseur, finally arrives at her door.

Lela Star decides to take the meeting on her phone and complains about her masseur to her business associates. She also refuses to let this poor guy do his job, so Small Hands has to massage her tight big ass and bountiful big tits over her clothes! After a while of overhearing Lela Star’s complaints, the dirty masseur Small Hands knows exactly what it’ll take to please his client.

Small Hands rips open her pantyhose and gives her the type of massage she’s been desiring this whole time! He puts his big fat cock inside her and starts to fuck her hard. Her oiled up ass is finally getting what it needed, a big cock. Lela Star moans loudly as he pounds her harder and harder. He then puts his cock down her throat and fucks slutty face. After which he goes back to fuck her big round ass in various positions until he is about to cum. He finish by titty fucking her big tits and covering them and her face with his warm load.

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