Mazzy Grace Shows the Boss How Good Her Oral Skills Are with Ryan Driller - Naughty Office

Mazzy Grace Shows the Boss How Good Her Oral Skills Are with Ryan Driller

Intern Mazzy Grace is not great at her job… Actually she kind of sucks… But Mazzy Grace then tells her boss Ryan Driller that she is better at other stuff, like her oral skills are awesome. Mazzy Grace then proceeds to show her pussy what she’s capable of.

Its summer time and Mazzy Grace have scored an internship at an accounting firm. Unfortunately, her boss Ryan Driller has made it clear that she needs to step up her game in the office. That is if she wants to secure a full-time position down the road. Mazzy Grace’s accounting skills aren’t her strongest. But she does have other skills than might be useful… Such as her oral skills, they are excellent and worth keeping around!

So one day after she have been messing up her work a few times over and over again, she comes over to her bosses place. There she tells him that she’s not the best at her job, but is willing to show what she can do. The goes on to tell him that she would love to show him her oral skills… Ryan Driller is not a fool and does the only thing you can do in that situation… Say yes! Mazzy Grace takes off her clothes and exposes her stunning slim body to her boss Ryan Driller. She then goes down on the floor and puts his big cock in her mouth. She gives his cock a perfect sloppy blowjob and deep throat his cock deep down.

Mazzy Grace does have perfect oral skills, and Ryan Driller can attest to that. But she also have a few other related skills that he might want to see… Such as her soaking wet tight pussy. Mazzy Grace soon climbs on-top of her boss and gives his big cock a wild ride. Then she lets him pound her pussy in doggystyle and other fun positions, all until he’s ready to give her something warm… A big warm facial! Mazzy Grace might not be the best at her job, but Ryan Driller will probably keep her around just because of her oral skills…