Kenzie Reeves & Lexi Lore in Bad For Dad with Brad Newman - Step Siblings Caught

Kenzie Reeves & Lexi Lore in Bad For Dad with Brad Newman

Brad Newman is about to have the best and naughtiest Father’s Day of all. His stepdaughter Lexi Lore and adopted daughter Kenzie Reeves are about to give him a day he won’t forget…

Brad Newman wakes up to his stepdaughter Lexi Lore and his adopted daughter Kenzie Reeves prancing into the room. They both are wearing skimpy jammies and wielding Father’s Day cards. Their mom Dava Fox finds the girls in bed with Brad Newman and lectures the trio about their inappropriate behavior.

Later, Brad Newman is finishing up in the shower when Kenzie Reeves enters the bathroom. Brad Newman spies on his adopted daughter as Kenzie Reeves peels off her clothes while fondling her perky tits and twat. With Kenzie Reeves’ hot body in front of him, who could blame Brad Newman for jerking off? When there’s a knock on the door, Kenzie Reeves hops into the shower and finds Brad Newman there. She takes advantage of the situation as Dava Fox tries to talk out her feelings with Brad Newman. Kenzie Reeves drops to her knees to suck her daddy’s big cock. Still later, Lexi Lore gets her chance to suck Brad Newman’s big cock. All while Kenzie Reeves covers for her. As soon as he can, Brad Newman sends them to their rooms while trying to figure out what to do.

The girls are voracious for Brad Newman’s cock, so they wait for their mom to leave before combining their forces. They decide the way to give him the best Father’s Day is a double blowjob. That leads to all three being naked, and Brad Newman finally gives in to the inevitable and fucks both girls. He starts with Lexi Lore riding him while she eats her sister out, then moves on to pounding away at Kenzie Reeves’ greedy snatch. The girls take turns getting their pussies pounded until they’ve each had enough. Then they get on their knees so Brad Newman can give them both a facial to reward their efforts for his pleasure.