Jenna Fox in Thicc Is In with Alex Legend - Round and Brown

Jenna Fox in Thicc Is In with Alex Legend

Jenna Fox is upset that her big tits can’t fit inside an old blouse, and that her big booty barely squeezes into your jeans… She sees all of the skinny girls on social media, and is feeling insecure about her curvy body. That’s when Alex Legend tells Jenna Fox that she got it all wrong, thicc is in! He’s more than happy to prove it to Jenna Fox…

Jenna Fox, honey. You don’t need to worry about a thing. Don’t be browsing the toxic comparison-driven internet social media spheres… There’s no positive reinforcement there. If your big round brown tits can’t fit inside an old blouse, or your juicy big ass barely squeezes into your jeans… That’s a good thing! Thicc is in, girl! You’re perfect the way you are, and Alex Legend is eager to remind you of that fact. You get the blood pumping with that thicc hot bod. Those skinny chicks WISH they had your natural curves, your delightful attitude, and devious desire for dick!

To prove his point, Alex Legend embraces Jenna Fox’s big tits and lets his big cock in between them. Jenna Fox lets Alex Legend titty fuck her big natural tits and follows it up with a deep sloppy blowjob. After Jenna Fox have worshipped his big white cock it’s time for Alex Legend to do the same! But with her big chocolate booty! He grabs it and slaps it with his hands, but he can’t resist it too long… He needs to fuck Jenna Fox and her thicc sexy ass!

Jenna Fox moans loudly as his big cock starts to dig deeper inside her soaked pussy. After Jenna Fox have had Alex Legend pound her for a while, she starts to ride him and shake her big ass up and down his thick cock. The view of her thicc ass sliding up and down looks stunning! After Alex Legend have hammered her tight pussy in every position possible, he gives her a well deserved cumshot over her face and big tits! Jenna Fox is now stating to understand that thicc is in, and she’s now proud to show of her juicy ass and big natural tits!