Paisley Porter in Going for It with Louie Smalls - Blacked Raw

Paisley Porter in Going for It with Louie Smalls

Paisley Porter have met a dark stranger named Louie Smalls in the city. She usually don’t do things like this, but she have decided that she’s going for it! What is she going for? She have always had a fantasy about fucking a big black cock, and tonight she have her husbands approval to just do that!

After she met a tall, dark stranger named Louie Smalls in the city, Paisley Porter does something she would never usually do… She’s just gonna go for it, and decides to fulfill her fantasies more fully than she could possibly imagine. Paisley Porter and Louie Smalls play around all over the city together. Soon Paisley Porter soon starts to tease him with her big tits. They then soon start to make out, and they they head to a nice hotel to keep the fun going.

When they arrive Paisley Porter calls her husband and tells him that she’s going for it! She is about to fulfill one of her biggest fantasies. Her husband encourages her and tells her to enjoy herself! She hangs up the phone and moves over to Louie Smalls who is waiting on the couch. Paisley Porter stats to strip for him, and takes off her top to expose her big tits again. She then gets on his lap and gives him a dirty lap dance. Louie Smalls teases her nipples with his tongue and it just turns Paisley Porter on more and more. Paisley Porter grinds agains his hard cock in his pants, and she loves how big it feels. Next he lifts Paisley Porter up and puts her in one of the armchairs. He slides off her pants and panties. Then he starts to eat her already soaking wet pussy.

Paisley Porter loves having her pussy eaten, but she can’t get her mind of the big black cock in his pants. She needs to get her hands and mouth on it! After he had a taste of her pussy juice she finally get her hands on that big cock she’ve been waiting for all night. The size of Louie Smalls’ big black cock did not disappoint Paisley Porter at all! It was even bigger than she had imagined! She gives his big cock the best sloppy blowjob of her life, she tries to deep throat it but it’s just too big for her! To give it a proper rubbing she has to use both of her hands, while also sucking on the top.

She loves sucking that big black cock, but she now wants to see how much of it her tight little white pussy can handle! Paisley Porter sits on top of it and lets Louie Smalls slide his thick black cock inside her. Paisley Porter tries to ride it as deep as she can, but can only take half of it in the beginning. But Paisley Porter is a true champ and soon she works her way down his thick shaft, and get her pussy a real deep pounding!

Louie Smalls fucks Paisley Porter and her little white pussy in multiple positions all over the hotel room. All until his big black cock gives her a massive creampie! This is a night Paisley Porter never will forget, that is for sure!