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Mazzy Grace in The Thrill with Bambino

Mazzy Grace and her boyfriend Bambino make a living in LA robbing houses in high-end la neighborhoods. She goes around taking selfies scouting out potential places and then her and Bambino pounce. Sometimes they get so turned on and end up fucking at the scene of the crime.

Mazzy Grace have found out that she can pretty much do anything while being blonde and acting confident. This have lead her and her boyfriend Bambino to make a living in Los Angeles robbing houses in high-end neighborhoods. Mazzy Grace goes around taking selfies while also scouting out potential places. When she finds a good target, she and Bambino pounce. Being around so much luxury turns Mazzy Grace on so much, that sometimes she needs to get fucked while their are working.

Bambino is always down to fuck his hot blonde girlfriend, so she gets what she needs! Today is one of those days… Mazzy Grace’s tight pussy starts to get soaking wet as soon as they get inside todays mark. She starts to make out with Bambino, and he soon knows what’s about to go down. Mazzy Grace pulls down his pants and gets a grip on his thick big cock. She then proceeds to get down on her knees and give him a sloppy blowjob in the middle of the house. But Mazzy Grace needs to get her tight pussy pounded, so they search for the master bedroom. When they find the bedroom Mazzy Grace‘s pussy is starving for cock and they immediately starts to fuck. Bambino stretches her tight pussy as he pounds her deeper and deeper.

He fucks her all over the bedroom until he gives her a big facial. When Mazzy Grace have ha her pussy fed by Bambino they cuddle in the bed, but they then hear voices in the house! The owners are back home, and they need to find a way out without getting caught…

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