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Aaliyah Hadid Gets The Anal She Deserves with Isiah Maxwell

Aaliyah Hadid finally got the dildo she ordered online, but when she opens the package it’s tiny! She then catches Isiah Maxwell spying on her, while he’s jerking off! The horny Aaliyah Hadid chase Isiah Maxwell and when she finally catches him, she realize that his cock is the perfect size! She starts to deep throat it and makes sure that it’s all lubed up, and then she makes him pound her juicy ass hard! Aaliyah Hadid finally gets the anal fucking she deserves!

The stunning ebony babe Aaliyah Hadid ordered a dildo online. She was all excited when the package arrived. But it was way too small. Nothing she could do with it. So she went back to masturbating with her hands. Isiah Maxwell sneaked up on her and started to jack off to her masturbating. Obviously she noticed him and started to chase him around the pool table. When she finally catches him she is impressed by how big is cock is! It’s so much better than that tiny dildo or her hands. It’s the perfect size, and the size she had wished her dildo to be. Aaliyah Hadid starts to suck his cock and worship it while on her knees. She soon starts to deep throat and makes it shine from her spit.

Aaliyah Hadid is so horny and makes him fuck her big juicy ass with that big black cock. Isiah Maxwell doesn’t mind pounding her juicy booty, and gives her the anal she deserves! While Isiah Maxwell is fucking her big ass, she slides that dildo she got earlier inside her dripping pussy. The dildo might not be big, but Aaliyah Hadid still loves the feeling of having both of her wholes filled at the same time! They have an intense anal fuck session until Aaliyah Hadid have massage his big cock with her tight asshole to make Isiah Maxwell cum all over her face.

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