Sara Jay in Bring Me The Manager! with Lil D - MiLFs Like it Big

Sara Jay in Bring Me The Manager! with Lil D

Sara Jay storms in to the store and angrily demands that Lil D takes back the new jeans she just got there. There’s just one problem, she’s still searing them! But Sara Jay then starts to undress in the middle of the store! Lil D quickly makes her get into the changing room instead… Nut the naughty Sara Jay doesn’t really care about the pants, the only thing she wants his young big black cock…

Sara Jay’s husband doesn’t like her new jeans so she angrily marches into the store and demands that Lil D take them back. But he refuses, because she’s still wearing them! So what does Sara Jay do? She takes them off in the store of course! Lil D agrees to find Sara Jay another pair in order to get her out of sight of any customers.

But when he get her into the changing room the hot MiLF starts to get a little bit too friendly with Lil D. She takes of her top and exposes her massive tits for the young store clerk. She then starts to grope his cock through his pants and it doesn’t take many seconds before his pants have a massive bulge. Sara Jay knows what she wants, and he is willing to do anything to satisfy his customer… Even if that includes fucking a hot curvy MiLF in the changing room…

Sara Jay sucks his young big black cock to make sure it’s lubed up and ready for her hungry MiLF pussy. Lil D then starts to fuck her dripping pussy, and he doesn’t stop until Sara Jay is satisfied with the customer service experience.

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