Alina Lopez in Stuck It In My Step Sister with Nathan Bronson - Bratty Sis

Alina Lopez in Stuck It In My Step Sister with

Nathan Bronson hears his stepsister Alina Lopez calling for help while being stuck under her bed. But she then also tells him to slide his cock into her pussy!

Alina Lopez and her friend Kyler Quinn talk shit about Alina Lopez’s stepbrother, Nathan Bronson, in private as they snap sexy selfies of themselves. Whipping out their tits, they start taking photos to send to their boyfriends. The girls agree that they think Nathan Bronson would be hot if he were to change everything about himself. After another round of selfies, Kyler Quinn heads out to fuck her boyfriend. When her friend leaves, Alina Lopez keeps on shooting pics with her boobs out. She has just flashed her pussy for the camera when she drops her phone. It rolls under the bed and when Alina Lopez tries to retrieve it she gets stuck.

When Alina Lopez hears someone in the hallway, she calls for help. She expects that it’s her boyfriend since he’s due to arrive any minute, but it’s her stepbrother. Nathan Bronson hasn’t ever seen his sister in such a compromising position before and he finds it incredibly hot. When Alina Lopez says he can fuck her if he needs to but to hurry up, her stepbrother takes her word for it and slides it in. Without knowing who’s banging her, Alina Lopez is full of compliments for how good it feels. The mutual delight lasts until Nathan speaks and Alina Lopez realizes it’s her stepbrother’s cock inside her. She tells him to get her out from under the bed, which he reluctantly does.

Although Alina Lopez is upset, she’s also conflicted because her stepbrother got a really nice dick. She decides that since they’ve started they might as well finish. Alina Lopez urges Nathan Bronson to come closer so she can climb onto the bed and suck her pussy juices off his fuck stick. While his sister is sucking him off, Nathan Bronson reaches forward to run down her slick pussy. She makes a compelling argument that they should keep going, so he finally agrees to continue banging when Alina Lopez rolls onto her back and spreads her thighs to welcome him in. Their rough and tumble encounter continues as Alina Lopez climbs on top of him and slams home on his hardon. Riding Nathan Bronson so hard her bottom slaps his balls, Alina Lopez tells Nathan Bronson to cum for her. He misunderstands, cumming inside her for a creampie that leaves them both feeling awkward about their brother/sister encounter.