Lulu Chu in So Deep with Sly Diggler - Blacked

Lulu Chu in So Deep with Sly Diggler

The aspiring actress Lulu Chu have just moved to LA. She’s living in a pool house at a rich guy, Sly Diggler, house. Then one day when she confronts him about smoking by the pool. But when he stands up and turns to her she gets to see what hides under his bathrobe… A massive black cock! Lulu Chu can’t keep her eyes of it, and Sly Diggler see that she’s more than impressed. Sly diggler takes Lulu Chu inside the house, where he fucks her so deep that her moans echos throughout out the house.

Lulu Chu is an aspiring actress in town for some auditions. She rented a pool house at the wealthy Sly Diggler’s house to motivate her to see what success in LA looks like. When she’s woken up early the next morning, she met with a pleasant surprise. She find Sly Diggler sitting outside the pool house smoking in a bathrobe. When she confronts him about the smoking he stands up, and she then sees that he’s not wearing anything under the robe. She then sees Sly Diggler‘s massive black cock. Lulu Chu is shocked by it’s size and can’t other than look at it.

Sly Diggler sees that she likes what she sees, and then takes inside the house. There Lulu Chu gets down on her knees and tries her best to fit his big black cock in her mouth. But it so big that she can barely fit any of it in her mouth! After trying her best Lulu Chu gets undressed to expose her soaked asian pussy. Sly Diggler pushes his big black cock inside her and her moans echos through out the house as he slowly goes deeper and deeper. Lulu Chu takes his big black cock like a true champ as her pussy lips grips around his massive cock. Lulu Chu have never had a cock so deep inside her before, and Sly Diggler just goes deeper and harder. After he have blacked the tight asian blonde Lulu Chu, he sprays her face with a large amount of cum.