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Alexis Fawx in Honey Tonk Hottie with Chad White

Chad White likes those naughty country chicks as they know how to truly ride a cock. Luckily Chad White spots the hottie Alexis Fawx, and she’s down to fuck!

So, Chad White is into country chicks? Let’s find him a country chick, then! From across the ranch themed hall, Chad White spots a cute looking gal. She’s got a nice cowboy hat, a short jean skirt and the flirty attitude he’s looking for. Alexis Fawx is her name, and she’s down to fuck!

After some intense kissing in public, Alexis Fawx kneels and starts sucking Chad White’s cock in the middle of the restaurant. The truly wicked game they play gets even crazier. Alexis Fawx pulls up her skirt and reveals she had no underwear on all along. She bends down so Chad White can give her the pounding she deserves. Behind them, the oblivious line dancers go about their business. Surprisingly, Alexis Fawx’s loud moans don’t catch their attention. Her boobs are out and she’s aggressively banged by Chad White, yet, nobody seems to care. The twisted rodeo doesn’t stop there. Chad White licks the cowgirl’s clit before she spreads her legs and stands on two chairs.

The lucky man gets in between the chairs and rides Alexis Fawx’s eager pussy once more. After Chad White cums over her tits and puts back his cowboy hat like nothing happened. The hottie Alexis Fawx poses one last time for the camera, replete and euphoric.