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Kataljna Kittin in Wet Kittin

Filipina spinner Kataljna Kittin with her big tits goes to take a shower. But Small hands soon joins Kataljna Kittin to fill her soaking wet pussy!

Curly godess Kataljna Kittin slowly undresses herself before taking a comforting shower. Obviously, all the “comfort” comes from a steamy masturbation session with the shower head. Small Hands walks in the bathroom just in time and is quite surprised to find such an elegant woman in such a sinful position. He peeps at oblivious Kataljna Kittin, jerks off, but is soon caught in the act. The couple teases each other from each side of the shower’s glass door. Eventually, Small Hands joins his lusty partner so he can cheerfully facefuck her. He then bows down before the gal’s perfect body, sucks her nipples and licks her pussy. It doesn’t take too long before Kataljna Kittin is flipped around and fucked from behind by the horny boy.

Luckily, the shower is vast enough for the couple to fuck in all sorts of positions. Whether she’s being pounded doggy style or in cowgirl, Kataljna Kittin takes Small Hands’s dick as deep as she can in that soaking wet pussy. The lucky guy has a nice view of Kataljna Kittin’s hairy armpits when he finally cums all over her chest and boobs.