Penny Pax & Kiarra Kai in Kept After Class with Robby Echo - NuruMassage

Penny Pax & Kiarra Kai in Kept After Class

After the massage class Kiarra Kai and Robby Echo are kept after class by their teacher Penny Pax. She tells them that they won’t graduate from the course unless they get the basics down! She then goes on to have a hands-on approach with them as she teaches them how to do a Nuru massage.

MiLFY redhead Penny Pax, a masseuse, is just finishing up with teaching a class of future masseuses and masseurs. However, as the students file out, she asks Kiarra Kai and Robby Echo to stay behind. She insists that NEITHER of them is going to graduate from the course any time soon. The reason is that they still don’t have the basics down! Although Kiarra Kai and Robby Echo are dismayed, the teacher assures them that they CAN still pass… As long as they do ANYTHING she says…

After they eagerly agree, grateful for another chance, Penny Pax boldly gets Robby Echo to strip down. She then tells them that they are about to have a NURU massage session together. She then orders Kiarra Kai to sit down nearby to take notes as she watches. It’s clear that Robby Echo and Kiarra Kai both need a more hands-on approach to their studies. Penny Pax then begins the sensual massage, which seems even more sensual than normal. But Kiarra Kai and Robby Echo are too nervous to call her out. They DID say they’d do ANYTHING, after all…

After Penny Pax have given Robby Echo a intimate rub down, it’s Kiarra Kai’s turn. She then goes on to pour oil all over Kiarra Kai and gives her the same intimate treatment. It’s stating to become clear that everyone’s feeling a little hot and heavy. Then Penny Pax demands that they both massage HER to show what they’ve learned. Both Kiarra Kai and Robby Echo are ready to show of their new skills!

As she lays back, Kiarra Kai and Robby Echo begin rubbing oil all over her. It’s not long before both Robby Echo and Kiarra Kai are eating out Penny Pax pussy, eager to please her and get on her good side! But do they really have what it takes to make top grades in Penny Pax’s book?

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