Adira Allure & Markus Dupree in She Wants to Know - Deeper

Adira Allure in She Wants to Know with Markus Dupree

Preppy blonde babe Adira Allure is visiting her favorite author. The author is Markus Dupree, and Adira Allure tells him she wants to know on a deeper level about his methods of writing. Adira Allure would never have guests that it would involve her tight ass getting creampied thou…

When a fan visits his home, famous author Markus Dupree is unperturbed. When he invites her inside, she gets far more than the autograph she was hoping for. The fan is the preppy blonde Adira Allure, and she wants to know how he can write such good female characters. Markus Dupree‘s secret is that he like to get deep into the mind of women, and he have is own special way. Adira Allure really wants to know, and begs him to show her. Markus Dupree grabs her from behind, and pulls down her skirt and panties to expose her tight tushy.

He then ties her hands behind her back as he leads her to his bedroom. There he puts her down on the floor and puts his belt around her throat. Next he undresses to expose his thick hard cock, witch he then forces down Adira Allure’s throat. While Adira Allure is getting her throat fucked, her pussy is getting soaked with pussy juice. She is so exited to see what he will use her body for next.

Markus Dupree soon pulls out his cock from her mouth and flips her over. He puts her in a doggy style position as he slides his pulsating cock into her tight ass. After he have pounded her tight asshole, he flips her over missionary style as he keep fucking her ass. But as he pounds her ass he now while slapping her face as she moans louder and louder. Adira Allure can’t believe how good it feels, and soon she’s squirting all over his hard cock. Adira Allure loves having his thick dick plowing her tight ass, and she begs Markus Dupree to fucker her deeper and harder! In the end Adira Allure receives a deep anal creampie from his him.

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