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Kenzie Reeves & Kiara Cole in My Best Friend is Obsessed with My Brother

While in the kitchen Kenzie Reeves tells her friend that she have heard that her stepbrother have a huge dick. Kiara Cole confirms the rumors about her stepbrother, Damon Dice, as she have had a peek. Kenzie Reeves then convinces Kiara Cole that they both should go and take a ride on her brother’s big cock!

Kiara Cole and her best friend are drawing in the kitchen. Her friend Kenzie Reeves then tells Kiara Cole that she heard that her stepbrother’s dick is really big. Kenzie Reeves even draws an informative comparison. At a bit of coaxing, Kiara Cole admits that she’s seen her stepbrother’s dick and it is, indeed really big. Kenzie Reeves suggests that she should try to get in on that action of her stepbrother’s big dick. She points out that Kiara Cole’s stepbrother, Damon Dice, is in the shower right now. So if they’re really lucky they can rile him up and give him a boner that they can both enjoy!

The girls barge in on Damon Dice, who unfortunately has already on a towel. Kenzie Reeves pulls the towel down and can’t believe her eyes at how well hung Damon Dice is. She pushes Damon Dice down onto the bed . She then shoves her pussy in Damon Dice’s mouth so he can taste how wet she is for his cock. Grabbing her friend’s hand, Kenzie Reeves insists that she should jerk Damon Dice off as Kenzie Reeves rides his mouth. She ultimately talks Kiara Cole into peeling off her thong and joining her. They are then side by side on their hands and knees to create a pussy buffet for Damon Dice. Then Kiara Cole lets her friend talk her into making things even hotter. This by creating a girl on girl double stack with plenty of spanking.

Damon Dice has plenty of stamina to give both girls a run for their money. While her friend enjoys a stiffie ride, Kiara Cole plants her pussy on her brother’s face. Then Kenzie Reeves hops off so that her friend can slide low to take Damon Dice all the way inside. When Kenzie Reeves and Kiara Cole have both finally been satisfied, they climb off of Damon Dice and work on him together. Moving in tandem, they share his fuck stick as they stroke and suck him to his point of no return. When Damon Dice explodes all over them, Kenzie Reeves and Kiara Cole stick their fingers in each other’s mouths to enjoy their salty treat together.

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