[BrattySis] Jasmine Grey (Valentines Day Surprise)

[BrattySis] Jasmine Grey (Valentines Day Surprise)

Cock hungry coed Natalie Brooks is sick of her bf not satisfying her so she seduces his brother in a hardcore romp.

Van Wylde and his stepsister Jasmine Grey have a prank war going on that escalates on Valentine’s Day. Van Wylde starts texting Jasmine like he’s her boyfriend, telling her he’ll be over in five minutes. When Van Wylde knocks on the door and then runs away, Jasmine figures out what’s going on. To get back, she dresses in her sexy red Valentine’s lingerie and calls Van Wylde into her bedroom. She invites him to fuck her, but much to Jasmine’s surprise when she gets on her hands and knees Van Wylde shoves her panties aside and takes her up on it!

Jasmine Grey is so conflicted. She didn’t really want to fuck her stepbrother but he feels so good inside her. They’re almost caught when Jasmine’s mom peeks in on her, but Van Wylde hides under the covers and stays buried in his stepsister‘s fuck hole as Jasmine tries to send her mom away while holding the moan. Once her mom leaves, Jasmine Grey holds her legs so her knees are behind her head as Van Wylde fucks her, then goes to work with her sassy little mouth slurping and sucking his fuck stick.

Climbing on top of Van Wylde, the horny spinner slides down for a stiffie ride in her bare twat. She keeps it up until she’s finally satisfied, then gets on her belly to give Van Wylde his own climax. Sucking and stroking, she works her bro’s dick until he gives her a facial of his love. Just as they’re enjoying the afterglow, Jasmine’s mom walks in and catches them in the act.

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